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Using your card

How it works?

The Companion Card is not a new responsibility; nor is it a benefit or a discount scheme. It simply ensures that people who are unable to attend venues and events without a companion to provide high-level attendant care support, are not charged two admission fees. Responsible use of your Companion Card will ensure that organisations continue to participate in this voluntary program.

You must only use your Companion Card if you are unable to participate at a particular venue or event without high-level attendant care support; not only for reassurance or social support. If you have previously attended an activity independently, this arrangement should continue.

Present your Companion Card when you are booking or purchasing your ticket. Participating organisations that accept the Companion Card will require you to pay only for your own ticket. A second ticket will be issued for your companion at no charge.

If you are not sure if a venue or activity accepts the Companion Card, check with them in advance or check on the Companion Card Affiliates list. Only organisations who are affiliates of the program are required under the programs terms and conditions to provide a ticket at no charge for your companion.

If you book your ticket over the telephone, you must tell the operator that you require a Companion Ticket. You may need to provide your name, your Companion Card number and the expiry date.

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Only the person whose photograph and name appear on the card can use the Companion Card.

You may be required to show your Companion Card when purchasing or collecting tickets, or at any time during your attendance at a venue or activity. If you cannot present your card, you may be charged for the Companion Ticket. The Companion Ticket is not valid unless the cardholder is present.

Misuse of your Companion Card will be reported and can lead to card cancellation. The Companion Card Cardholder Terms and Conditions provide full details about how to use your Card. These can be found in the Cardholder Handbook and on the Cardholder Application Form.