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What to do if I see a Companion Card?

If a Companion Card is presented at your organisation, it is because the cardholder is a person who, due to their disability, requires attendant care type support from a companion in order to participate at your venue or event.

Legislation requires that you do not discriminate against people with a disability because of their need for attendant care support from a companion. By charging two admission fees to the cardholder, you may be accused of discriminatory ticketing practices.

Recognising the Companion Card and providing a second ticket for the cardholder's companion, at no charge, is one way to comply with part of the existing anti-discrimination legislation. You may also like to consider becoming an Affiliate .

"The safest and easiest way to protect your organisation from accusations of discrimination is to provide an additional ticket at no extra cost to the holder of a Companion Card".
Australian Entertainment Industry Association (AEIA),
Companion Card and Discrimination Guidelines for AEIA Members,
August 28, 2002.
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